10 things you didn’t know about cats

Cats, like dogs, are always the most wanted pets in the household. Since we are a pet portal, we have decided to make some things interesting when it comes to this subject. Some facts are gonna blow your mind, especially the last one!


1. Cats are the most popular in the United States. According to the latest statistics, 88 million cats and 74 million dogs live in this country, in addition to their happy owners.

2. They can survive a fall from as high as 32 m.

3. 20 muscles are needed for their ear to move. (People only need six).

4. 70% of their lives, oversleep. Maybe you could buy some cat box to keep her awake 🙂

5. Alaska has a town called Talkeetna where the mayor is a cat named Stubbs.

6. Mexico had a cat as a candidate for mayor.

7. Research has shown that cat owners have a 30 percent lower chance of having a heart attack.

8. There are claims that cats existed in this domesticated variant, 3600 years before Christ.

9. The richest cat in the world owns as much as 13 million dollars, which she inherited from her owner after his death.

10. Every cat senses an earthquake. Even 15 minutes earlier.