You are probably wondering what are the best choices for dog subscription boxes? If you already know what a dog subscription box is, then you can go and check our list of 4 best ones. And if you don`t know what it is, then we will explain it to you in a few sentences below.



A subscription box is actually a box of your favorite goodies that you are subscribed to and what you`ll receive each month for your pet. There are varied subscription boxes for women, men, kids, cats, and of course, what this text is about, dogs. We like to call it woof boxes. If you wanna see what kind of boxes we are offering, then just click here and go to the store.


BarkBox Monthly Subscription Box

BarkBox Monthly Subscription Box



One of our favorites the Barkbox subscription box is the must-have for your dog. This box contains all the great stuff your dog needs, from treats and snacks to amazing toys.

All Barkbox subscription box products are healthy, clinically-proven, tested, and made only in the USA & Canada. That’s right, so no soy, wheat, corn, or any other fake ingredient or flavor. So their ingredients are all great for supporting your dog`s wellness, immune system, and dental care.

So, when we came down to dental care we must mention that all products are compatible with aggressive chewers. That`s because all toys are very interactive and your dog will probably spend hours chewing and chewing. That`s a good thing because he won`t chew your favorite sofa, slippers, shoes, or something else he is not supposed to. So no more worries about aggressive chewing that`s a sure thing to say.

If you`re all about themes and you think how it is getting the same stuff each month, we agree. The Barkbox brand understands that problem quite well. So don`t worry cause every month this box will contain a different theme, so you are certainly gonna get surprised. And your Dogster too of course.  He or she may be dressed as a king or queen, or maybe like Santa, who knows, we can only suggest.

If your dog wants to receive spiky ball toys, squeaky dog toys, rope, a toy for aggressive chewers, interactive dog toys, this is the right box. As we said this box is for that one who likes to chew a lot, just like my dog Zee Zee who is probably the most aggressive chewer I know. Although, she is still a little pup.

If you all the scrolling and searching is boring too you, then stop it. Order now and enjoy along with your pup.


Pawstruck subscription box

Pawstruck subscription box



If your dog is a fan of chews, then you should probably go with the Pawstruck subscription box. Because this one is all about chews and treats. Probably the best subscription box for heavy chewers you`ll find on market.

If you subscribe to the Pawstruck subscription box each month, your dog will receive 4 different types of tasty goodies that will always get him excited.  This box contains products such as cow ears, bully sticks, beef jerky & more great stuff that you and your dog could possibly imagine.

Of course, this product also takes care of dog health and the immune system so you won’t receive products with fake ingredients.  So don’t worry! NO artificial ingredients because Pawstruck experts think about your dog`s wellness.

Throughout their whole career, they`ve been dedicated to dogs’ dental care, long-lasting chews for aggressive chewers, and other things that will make you and your dog happy. You just have to order the right box for your dog`s size and you probably won`t even look for another subscription box ever again!

If you want this box, and you want it now, just click here and order now.


BoxDog 4 Giant Seasonal Dog Boxes per Year

BoxDog 4 Giant Seasonal Dog Boxes per Year



If you and your dog like handmade products, then the Boxdog subscription box is the right choice. All Boxdog subscription box products are, as we were saying, 100% handmade goods. So if you like hand-made custom-made doggy stuff, then this one is certainly worth your attention.

Each time this product includes a different variety of cookies, cupcakes, donuts, and other great stuff that Barkbox chefs are making. You will never receive the same products again, because of their imagination and willingness to put effort into all your dog’s wishes.

Probably your dog won’t get enough of all this great stuff and he`ll drool all over the place. But, there`s nothing wrong with dog`s drool right? Actually, it doesn`t, because then you`ll know that you`ve done the right thing for him and bought the right stuff too.

Besides all that, what dog doesn`t like toys? Every dog does, so why don’t you surprise him each month with this amazing subscription box. You`ll see how he or she, will enjoy every moment when receives this box with toys & gadgets. Yup, that’s right, they are all custom-design toys and gadgets from their own Boxdog toy line.

If your dog also likes bath time, then he`ll probably enjoy the most in the Barkbox wellness line. Amazing shampoos, CBD oil, nose balm, and other great things, all vegan friendly. So NO animal cruelty because Boxdog expert adores all animals on Earth.

For the biggest one there is a Giant Boxdog subscription box, which sounds gigantic don’t you think? The biggest fellas will adore it, and if they get too excited, don’t worry if they break something from all the silly happy jumping. And if you also have a smaller friend and you can’t find it, don’t worry! This giant box is so big that he probably jumped in thinking that it`s his new home.

Each one of the boxes you`ll receive from this company contains products which value at over 150$ dollars. So this is probably one of the most amazing boxes that you could find on the market, and you certainly won’t regret it if you subscribe to this one.

Ok, so jump on and subscribe for one of these. You can also do that by just one click here.


The Dapper Dog Subscription Box

The Dapper Dog Subscription Box



And here comes, to our list of favorites, The Dapper dog subscription box for dogs. If you are all into fun themes and stuff, then you and your Dogster will enjoy in all The Dapper dog subscription box themes you`ll receive each month.

Never the same themes, in some of The Dapper dog past boxes, there were funny themes like Fiesta, Happy Birthday party, Happy holidays, and others. You won`t find out which one will you get if you don’t subscribe to this one. And of course, we almost forgot, for our themes great design we can thank The Dapper experts who dedicate each day to all their doggy subscribers.

And what about snacks? Of course, there are snacks in this one. We certainly wouldn`t recommend it because we know what`s best for pups. In this subscription box each month you`ll get amazing snacks such as superfood nuggets, dog cookies, natural meat treats, and more. And for the most important thing, all this great stuff comes from the USA.

The greatest thing about this product is you get bandanas each time. Yup, all cool dogs wear bandanas so find out which one will you get, and maybe you could post it on our Instagram profile. We promise that we will enjoy more than you when we see all those happy faces with bandanas.

Let`s summarize one bandana, two toys, two snacks or treats or chews whatever you may like. Stop wasting your time and order now.