Every day we receive a bunch of questions like, which dog & cat vacuum cleaner is best, which vacuum cleaners are the best choice for pet hair removing, etc. Our company is all about pets, so we are going to provide the best vacuum cleaner choices for pet hair removal. If you can`t wait to find out our list of favorites just scroll down to see the list immediately.

There are a lot of great pet vacuum cleaners on market, and we`ll give our best to find the most perfect ones, and try to resolve all pet owner problems. Our My Pet Box company is actually amazon affiliates, or if you are more like, amazon affiliate program members, and we decided to show you some of the best vacuum cleaners on the Amazon market.



This is certainly a very hard question which dog & cat vacuum cleaner is best? Hundreds and hundreds of products researched, but we took 7 best vacuum cleaners and put it to our list of favorites towards the hall of fame. Our company members are also pet lovers and pet owners by themselves, and they also have serious issues about pet hair all over the place.

As the matter of fact, I own two Dalmatian dogs, Toffee & Zeezee, father and daughter, they are wonderful, but also there is a lot of loose hair all over the place. Sometimes I find pet hair in my mouth, shoes, clothes, ears, nose, eyes, literally everywhere! I`ve tried with robot vacuum cleaners, but since Zeezee is still a puppy, she ate him… Yup that’s right, no lies, this is a serious text about pet hair problems.

When she ate my robot vacuum cleaner, I was desperate, because it was so expensive and honestly it was not that good. It could only pick up loose hair from the floor only, not from the carpet. You have to do it manually that’s for sure, there is no robot that can change a human hand trust me.

I decided to buy Oreck Hepa Cordless Vacuum cleaner and it changed my life. No more Vacuum cleaning all day too long. Now, I finish my job in a couple of minutes, although our apartment in Manhattan is quite big. Oreck Hepa Cordless Vacuum cleaner is my first choice on a list of favorites, now go and see the rest of them.



Okay so no more text, here is our list of 7 best vacuum cleaners for pet hair removing. If you think that none of them can acquire your expectation just go to My Pet Box, and find the perfect one for you.





This Oreck Hepa Cordless Upright Bagged Vacuum Cleaner presents the new revolution of vacuum cleaners and pet hair removers, that’s for sure. I decided to buy this one for myself and since then I spend less time cleaning my house. My cleaning time is much less and more productive, no more loose hair in my mouth trust me.


This product is so amazing because it`s wireless. So, if the power goes off you can still clean. And what about light. That’s what is most amazing with this product. It has its own LED headlights, you know what that means right? You can clean in complete dark, with this LED headlights you`ll see everything in front of you, there will be no hair you`ll jump over, nope.


Also, it has a low design which means you can go around furniture, below it, and even clean it. So, if your dog or cat likes to jump on your favorite sofa it won’t be a problem anymore. We talked about how it is wireless right? We almost forgot it has a lithium-ion battery which provides great performance.


When it comes to its capacity, this fella has 4 times more space than the all bagless vacuum cleaners on the market. It also cleans 99.7% of all unseen particles, and automatically helps to lock in the dirt during disposal. It allows you to control its speed with two-speed fingertip control. You can adjust his speed from heavy-duty carpet vacuuming to hard floor cleaning.


This product comes along with an ELEVATE 20v Cordless vacuum, ONEPWR 6.0 Ah battery, and charger. If you decide on this one, and you don’t wanna read the rest of our text, that’s fine. Because this one is the most perfect choice of all.


Order now, and you`ll never search for another vacuum cleaner ever again!



Okay, so this guy certainly deserves a second place on our list. Hoover ONEPWR Blade Max is one tough fella. With this Hoover ONEPWR Blade Max, you can clean your house for 45 minutes without any rest which sounds amazing. And you gotta have a pretty big house if you need to clean for 45 minutes.

Cleaning became so easy with this product. What’s most amazing is that it has a High-performance digital motor that brings your vacuum cleaning jobs to maximum performance. Any floor type will be perfectly clean and shiny, you will have a desire to eat from the floor… Okay just kidding, that’s not appropriate behavior lets move on.


This one also has a powerful Lithium-Ion battery and provides you good in-house cleaning. Of course, you could clean out of the house too.  From carpets and hard floors to upholstery, there is this product to help you get a maximum clean effect with less effort than ever before.


It also cleans 99.4% of all unseen particles, which is, we can say, almost perfect. If you decide to order this product you should know that it doesn’t come alone. You`ll also receive ONEPWR™ 4.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery, ONEPWR™ Charger, Wall Mount, Dusting Brush, Crevice Tool, and Upholstery Tool.

Order now this one, and you will certainly be very much satisfied.





Explore amazing possibilities with BISSELL CROSSWAVE FLOOR & CARPET CLEANER. Your messy floors will get cleaner like never before with BISSELL CROSSWAVE FLOOR & CARPET CLEANER. Your house cleaning will certainly become more amazing like never before.

This product has superior two-tank technology, which provides separating dirty water from the clean one. It guarantees your floor freshness, your home will smell fresher than ever before. As the most important thing, the Bissell company supports pet safety. This is one of the reasons why we decided to put one on our list of favorites. And also because it definitely is one hell of a product.


All Bissell vacuum cleaners wash and dry surfaces at the same time. Also, there are two options for cleaning. You can choose between carpet or hard floor mode. Also, there are no wires or cords, so it makes cleaning more productive and easy.


When you buy one of these company products, you support the Bissell pet foundation. If everyone on earth bought just one of their products, there would be no homeless puppies or kitties. That’s what comes most amazing about this one. They certainly care about pets, and their technology is all about pet safety, and of course, who knows better how to remove all loose hair from your home, than the true pet lovers and experts.


Some interesting fact about Bissell company is that it was founded in the year 1876, by Anna and Melville Bissel. Also when Melville died, Anna took over this company and became the first woman CEO in the United States. Probably a lot of you didn’t know this fact, and neither did I. Also they were the first ones who invested in carpet cleaners.


You surely won’t make a mistake if you decide on this company product. If you choose to support this company and their pet foundation, click here and order now.





As its name is saying, this one was made for loose pet hair cleaning. Simplicity S20 Bagless upright pet vacuum cleaner reaches out to some of the best products of this kind, on the whole market. As its name is saying, Simplicity S20PET simply cleans all kinds of floor types.

From hard floor to carpet with his 5 height adjustment on the brush, you can easily maneuver as you want. It also provides the highest level of filtration with his high-quality HEPA filter and also catches all unseen particles. From tobacco, viruses, bacteria, mold, pollen, and dust mites, which is great for all your family members.

The special thing about this product is that it has Fur remover. You are probably asking yourself what the heck is fur remover? It’s actually a turbo tool mounted on the brush, picking all the loose care amazingly. Also with this product, you won’t scratch a thing, cause it has its own High Marks for No Marks floor protection.

You should not come to distract because this company calls this product pet. It is great for pets, that’s for sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s not compatible with others, we like to say, regular people. Sure it’s great, all these products are, but if it can remove pet hair, imagine how good it actually is for other stuff also.

If you are tired of reading, just click here and buy this amazing pet hair remover.




Quantum X Upright Water Vacuum Cleaner is the best solution if you wanna try something more revolutionary and something hole different. The most interesting thing about Quantum X Upright Water Vacuum Cleaner is that it’s not using any filters. That’s right, sounds extraordinary.

So with this vacuum cleaner, you don’t have to clean filters over and over again. It’s completely without any kind of filters, not even a Hepa filter. As we said, its filter is actually water, so you just pour some water in and you are ready to go. The greatest thing about it, actually never loses suction power. That’s because, filters, no matter how often you clean them, by the time gets stuck with all the dust and micro paths.


With his telescopic body, you can clean any surface you want, and go behind any corner. Also, you can clean whatever you spill. Yup, that’s right, that means if your pet pees a little bit on the floor (we love them, so we won’t judge them), you can clean that up too. There are no worries about it. Actually, it’s quite logical since it is using water as its filter. Of course, you can clean wet spills and dry mess.

It comes in many different colors, and also you could choose some wonderful fragrances. So, your home could maybe smell like a tropical breeze, fresh linen, eucalyptus & menthol. As we were talking about colors let me say you could choose between red, grey & rose gold.


If you think this is the right product for you, don’t waste any more time and order now.  





Everybody is afraid of sharks, right? Not in this case, because Shark Rotator Professional Upright Corded Bagless is one of the best products on the market and on our list. A lot of people were searching for, best vacuum cleaner shark, which means Shark Rotator Professional Upright Corded Bagless, is one of the most wanted ones.


Powerful as its name, this is a lightweight vacuum cleaner which means you can actually walk with him in your hands through the house. That’s actually great because you can even clean your ceiling, without any hard effort. That’s what this company is calling Lifta away technology. Actually sounds interesting, and it certainly puts a smile on your face while you are doing all the necessary house cleaning. You can clean your house in complete darkness because this product has LED lights and Advanced Swivel Steering.


Although this product is actually quite light and small that doesn’t mean it is not powerful. Yes, actually it is pretty powerful, but also not so loud. So if your kid is sleeping, and your dog gets messy, that means you can clean your house with no worries. You won’t wake up your kid, just clean the mess, and go watch a TV or your favorite show.

It’s completely anti-allergen, and it’s using a HEPA filter. So if you prefer cleaners with filters, and this one is quite affordable, then we suggest choosing this one. It is also pet friendly, and it comes with pet tools and ergo cleaning accessories. This is probably the best vacuum cleaner shark light-weight model. There are many as them but in this category, this one is a total winner.

Order now and you won’t regret it.





Another one from the best vacuum cleaner shark category is Shark Navigator Zero-M Self-Cleaning Brushroll Pet Pro. It`s a little bit more expensive, but also more professional than the previous one. The more revolutionary Shark Navigator Zero-M Self-Cleaning Brushroll Pet Pro is not for amateurs but only for those ones who like to keep everything shiny.


This one is designed for pet owners, but it doesn’t mean that those ones without pets cant use it. It’s perfect for everyone, and certainly among the best ones. It is great for pet hair removal because it has a self-cleaning brush roll. It means that you don’t have to clean. As the previous shark vacuum cleaner, this one also uses a HEPA filter as well. That means it is anti-allergenic, and also with his 3XL capacity, you can clean longer without any interruptions. It’s not wireless, maybe that’s his only weakness, but for those of you who don’t like batteries then this is the right solution.


 Some of us maybe more like vacuum cleaners with batteries, but some of us may be more likes electricity. Everybody knows what’s best for his purpose. Me actually, I’m a fan of battery cleaners.


If someone has any additional questions about anything, especially about pets, we are glad to help you.

Hope you enjoyed my blog, thanks for reading.