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There are tons of monthly cat subscription boxes on the market and you are probably wondering which one is the best choice for your kitten? At My Pet Box company, we are offering different types of monthly cat subscription boxes, and we can assure you are probably gonna find their puuurfect one.

If you don’t know what are monthly cat subscription boxes are, we`ll explain it to you in a couple of sentences, it`s not that hard. If you subscribe to some of the boxes, each month you`ll receive, and your cat, of course, all kinds of amazing stuff. So, you can expect treats, goodies, toys, snippets, clothes, and other great thingies.







There are tons of variations for these boxes, some of them are all about themes, some of them are about toys & gadgets. Also, some of you maybe want a cat litter subscription box. We have all of them and in this text, we`ll try to help to find the best one for you.  





If you want a cat monthly subscription box with a different variety of toys & gadgets then KitNipBox is the most perfect choice. Also, this cat monthly subscription box contains a whole bunch of interesting themes such as back to school, rock n roll, picnic, etc. The most important thing is you`ll never gonna get the same theme again. And as we speak about toys, all KitNipBox toys are custom made by cat experts who dedicated their lives to kittens.

Also, the safety of your kittens is always in the first place. That’s right, so all products go through serious testing and research, providing only the best. Supporting the cat’s health and immune system, everything is about that. NO worries about fake and artificial ingredients

And, we almost forgot. KitNipBox company supports animal welfares & shelters, so each month we donate. As all cat lovers, this company wouldn’t be honest if they don’t do things like that, so that’s a great thing.

Stop searching and order right meow! We mean now.  





Still searching for the puuurfect monthly cat box. Okay, so this monthly cat box is also one of our favorites and it’s called Meowbox. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Your cat will meow all over the place if you subscribe here for this one.

Yummy treats and funny themes all perfectly made by Meowbox chefs, the most amazing cat professionals on the market. Of course, every time you`ll receive different varieties so you and your kitten will never get bored.

This company never tells much about their products so you`ll probably gonna subscribe so you could find out what you`ll get. They also support welfares & shelters, like all true kitty lovers.

Order now and find out what amazing stuff will you get each month.


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